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By The Greek Vibe
19 Aug, 2022

Ypovrichio: The Greek ‘Submarine’ Spoon Sweet

Ypovrichio: The Greek ‘Submarine’ Spoon Sweet Every summer Greeks serve the “submarine" or “Ypovrichio”? Why do Greeks love this spoon sweet? Read more at The Greek Vibe here
By Zorbabook
14 Aug, 2022

Evangelistria Church, Tinos

The 15th of August – Dekapentavgoustos, the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, along with Easter and Christmas are the most important religious celebrations in Greece. It is also known as the “summer Easter”.  According to the Greek Orthodox calendar the day marks when Mary, Christ’s mother, ascended into Heaven, and is considered a day of…
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Latest Recipes

By My Family's Food Diary
2 Oct, 2022

Kolokasi me hirino – Taro stew with pork

Kolokiasi me hirino – Taro stew with pork Kolokasi – Cypriot comfort food This taro stew or better known as kolokasi is the ultimate Cypriot comfort dish, a meal made with taro and pork in a tomato-based sauce. The pork can be easily substituted with chicken, I usually use skinless chicken cutlets if I do…
By Kali Orexi Melbourne
2 Oct, 2022

Jess’ Rizopita (Sweet Rice Pie)

Jess’ Rizopita (Sweet Rice Pie) Here Jess (jesswhoamamma) shares her Yiayia Maritsa’s Rizopita, a special family recipe that’s dear to her heart and brings back wonderful childhood memories. “Yiayia Maritsa’s Rizopita has a cream and vanilla-infused rice filling baked into golden, crispy, flaky filo pastry. Served with a dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar it’s…

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