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By The Greek Vibe
16 Apr, 2022

Three Perfect Greek Easter Getaways

Visiting Greece for Orthodox Easter is a must. These three destinations give you the chance to experience Greek Easter in all its brilliance. Read more at The Greek Vibe here Photo credit: @
By The Greek Vibe
16 Apr, 2022

What Greeks Do on Orthodox Easter

How do Greeks celebrate Orthodox Easter? Read more at The Greek Vibe here
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spanakorizo me tomates
By My Family's Food Diary
19 Apr, 2022

Spanakorizo with tomatoes (spinach rice)

Spanakorizo with tomatoes (Σπανακόρυζο με ντομάτες) is a favourite meal to serve especially during Lent, the fasting period of Orthodox Easter. Filling and nutritious it is a complete meal in itself. The word spanakorizo basically translates to spinach rice. In Cyprus and Greece this meal is enjoyed with or without tomato. It mostly depends on…

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