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Zorbabook Experiences
By Zorbabook
14 Apr, 2023

Good Friday Greek customs and traditions

Good Friday Greek customs and traditions  It is a mourning day, people visit their lost loved ones' graves to clean them and light candles.  Church bells are mourning bells, ringing a single ring at regular intervals throughout the day.   The Epitaph - Epitaphios The word epitaphios is an adjective meaning “funerary, happening on a grave”;…
By The Greek Vibe
19 Aug, 2022

Ypovrichio: The Greek ‘Submarine’ Spoon Sweet

Ypovrichio: The Greek ‘Submarine’ Spoon Sweet Every summer Greeks serve the “submarine" or “Ypovrichio”? Why do Greeks love this spoon sweet? Read more at The Greek Vibe here
By Zorbabook
14 Aug, 2022

Evangelistria Church, Tinos

The 15th of August – Dekapentavgoustos, the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, along with Easter and Christmas are the most important religious celebrations in Greece. It is also known as the “summer Easter”.  According to the Greek Orthodox calendar the day marks when Mary, Christ’s mother, ascended into Heaven, and is considered a day of…
Zorbabook Experiences
mirmigato chocolate sprinkle cake
By The Hellenic Odyssey
2 Jun, 2023

Mirmigato Chocolate Sprinkle Cake

Mirmigato Chocolate Sprinkle Cake Here is the recipe for Mirmigato Chocolate Sprinkle Cake. A crowd pleaser of a cake…! The cake derives its name from ants, mirmigia. Ants travel around everywhere in a scattered fashion, making paths all over the place. This is what the baked sponge cake looks like with its chocolate sprinkle texture.…
By Kali Orexi Melbourne
2 Jun, 2023

Patatopita - Greek Potato and Fillo Pie Recipe with Olives and Feta

Ruth's Patatopita - Greek Potato and Fillo Pie Recipe with Olives and Feta A recipe generously shared by Ruth Bardis from her new cookbook Simply More Greek This recipe is from Metsovo – a town in the northwestern part of Greece prized for its production of cheese.  A potato pie recipe flavored with cheeses, rosemary,…
By My Family's Food Diary
2 Jun, 2023


Mahalepi Can't have summer without making mahalepi! This sweet is definitely one that brings the most memories of us sitting outside my aunty's veranda in Cyprus to enjoy that beautiful summer night breeze. Ingredients: 1 cup nisiaste (or cornflour) 5 cups water 1/3 cup sugar 1 tbsp of rosewater Method: Bring all the ingredients except…