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Our Initiatives

The Platform

Zorbabook is an innovative B2B & B2C platform, serving both as a social network & marketplace for all members. The platform has been created to interconnect all involved stakeholders of the Greek gastronomy industry.

An excellent opportunity for Professionals to promote their brands on an electronic exhibition 24/7 in order to increase their customer base & brand awareness worldwide.

Multidimensional Support

Our main priority is to support & work alongside our members’ brands to further develop Greek gastronomy.

Zorbabook mission: Retaining, disseminating and promoting Greek taste, depending on each company goals & needs, is supported by Exports, Corporate Photographs & Videos, Promotional material for various markets, Social media coverage & more.

Events worldwide

Zorbabook organises & participates in various events to boost your brand:

Exhibitions: Brings the electronic exhibition to life by participating & promoting brands in food & tourism exhibitions all over the world.

Branded events abroad: Organises product presentations & events to promote Greek gastronomy brands to Food Bloggers/Influencers, Tour Operators (Food Tourism), Importers/Local Representatives.

Familiarisation Trips: Arranges FAM & Press Trips for foreign professionals in the food & tourism industry to explore destinations with a focus on their local gastronomy & products.