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Zorbabook Experiences
 προσφυγικός οικ Αγ Παρασκευής Καστέλλου Χιου 1962 πηγη Καθημ
By Zorbabook
24 Dec, 2023

Karavaki - The Greek Christmas boat

Greece has always been a marine country and Greeks have strong emotional and financial ties with the sea.  Decorating a ship for Xmas symbolizes these strong ties with the sea and serves as a token of gratitude to the sailors, fishermen, and captains who devote their lives to the sea for the good of their…
By The Greek Vibe
21 Dec, 2023

8 UNESCO-listed Heritage Traditions to Experience in Greece

The Greek Vibe  takes you through eight treasured traditions and practices “made in Greece” that will offer you insight into the Greek way of life and will take you beyond its famed beaches and bars, into its colourful culture and history.
By Zorbabook
15 Aug, 2023

The History of Panagia Soumela Icon and Monastery

The History of Panagia Soumela Icon and Monastery  The miraculous icon of Panagia Sumela along with two more Virgin Mary icons are considered the work of Evangelist Luke made around the 1st century AD. These icons are today found in the Monastery of Kykkos in Cyprus, in the Monastery of the Great Cave in Kalavryta…
Zorbabook Experiences
Flaounes 2
By Zorbabook
29 Apr, 2024


Kolokotes 4
By Zorbabook
21 Mar, 2024