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By Zorbabook
13 Aug, 2022

Panagia Kastriani Monastery Kea island

Panagia Kastriani is Kea island, Cyclades patron saint.   Panagia (Virgin Mary) Kastriani monastery is located close to Otzias beach, 12km from Kea Chora. Built on the steep hill of Kastri, in a wonderful natural environment offering an impressive view of the Aegean Sea and Andros island. According to local tradition, around 1700, shepherds found the…
By The Greek Vibe
2 Aug, 2022

Basil: King of Greek Herbs & Culture

Basil: King of Greek Herbs & Culture In every Greek yard, porch, garden, window sill, outside the door - large or small, stands a proud basil plant. Why do Greeks love their basil so much? Read more at The Greek Vibe here
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Latest Recipes

By Kali Orexi Melbourne
9 Aug, 2022

Cypriot Grain Salad

Cypriot Grain Salad  Original recipe by George Calombaris This Cypriot Grain Salad, originally by George Calombaris, has featured at our Christmas table for the last 12-15 years. When I first started making it, the children were very young and time was always of the essence – so I took a few shortcuts and I also…
zucchini fritters
By My Family's Food Diary
9 Aug, 2022

Zucchini and asparagus Fritters with feta

Zucchini and asparagus Fritters with feta Zucchini and asparagus fritters with feta are a seasonal twist on the well-known Greek dish “kolokithokeftedes”, zucchini patties. Essentially the Greek mezze dish is a fried mixture of grated zucchini, herbs, feta, eggs and flour. You will fall in love with this recipe as fritters are so herby, aromatic…

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