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Androusa, Messinia, Greece
The Olive Grove Tour
Androusa, Messinia, Greece
The Castle & Olive oil Mill tour
Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece
Group Olive Oil Tasting
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By The Greek Vibe
22 Jul, 2021

8 UNESCO-listed Heritage Traditions to Experience in Greece

When travellers think of Greece, the first thing that like comes to mind is the sea, the sun, the white-washed island footpaths and the food. In short, all those things that make up Greece’s legendary hospitality.  But if there is one thing that travel should be doing, it’s bringing people together and heightening the understanding…
By Zorbabook
27 Apr, 2021


Narthex, a beautiful plant, but poisonous and with rich references to Greek mythology and ancient Greece. This is where the splint we use in fractures comes from. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and carried it to humans through the hollow shoots of the narthex. The narthex was dedicated in ancient…

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lemon thyme8
By My Family's Food Diary
22 Jul, 2021

Lemon Thyme Yoghurt Cake

LEMON THYME YOGHURT CAKE The lemon thyme yoghurt cake celebrates all the ingredients I grew up with! Lemon, yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil and this super aromatic herb, thyme! The cake turns out super moist and flavourful with a good balance between sour and sweet. It is the citrus season here in Australia at the…
lentils haloumi salad
By My Family's Food Diary
22 Jul, 2021

Lentils and Halloumi salad with a vinaigrette dressing

LENTILS AND HALLOUMI SALAD WITH A VINAIGRETTE DRESSING LENTILS AND HALLOUMI – CRUNCHY AND CHEWY I am forever creating new salad combinations using ingredients I love and this lentils and halloumi salad is no different! It is the perfect salad if you like eating salads with different textures and a sour/tangy dressing to go with…
faki soupa
By My Family's Food Diary
22 Jul, 2021

Greek Style Lentil Soup - Soupa Faki

GREEK STYLE LENTIL SOUP – SOUPA FAKI AN ALL YEAR ROUND LENTIL SOUP – NOT JUST FOR WINTER! This lentil soup is on high rotation during the cold and hot months in our house. It is a family favourite, my eldest daughter absolutely loves it. She always asks for seconds although I fill up her…

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