Old Oia Houses

Old Oia Houses consist of a group of renovated Caves and Sea Captain’s Houses. There are three studios, three cave houses and two Venetian Style suites.They are situated in the centre of Oia village, overlooking the caldera, and are part of the original settlement.They were rebuilt in 1991.

Our Story

We are a small family-run business and started welcoming guests in the early 1990s. Overseeing the rebuilding process from the rubble that remained from the 1950s earthquake, we attempted to remain true to the vernacular architecture of Oia, namely its simplicity and natural beauty. We believe we have created a welcoming, comfortable and inspiring environment for our visitors to relax and recharge, and one which reflects Oia’s history – we recommend ‘I Pano Meria tou Kosmou’ (‘The Upper Side of the World’) by Kadio Kolymva, a first hand written account of Oia’s seafaring past. 

Old Oia Houses


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