About Us

Hello and welcome to Zorbabook!

How it all began..

Our initiative & journey began in 2017, when we created the first social network for Greek gastronomy with the aim to unite global passionate stakeholders of the Greek gastronomy value chain, as well as assist in the connection of food and tourism.

From 2017 to 2021, zorbabook.com surpassed 13 million page views, 1,000+ members and attracted users from 166 countries; 6,250 cities;

We thank all those who supported and contributed to the above success!

The Zorbabook Initiative

In May 2021 we re-launched Zorbabook.com; and created a booking, communication and management platform of unique, local & authentic food, culture and nature experiences.

Our mission is to strategically promote & develop food/agri tourism in Greece by creating a unique local ecosystem and international network.

Our initiatives focus on empowerment & engagement of local communities/tourism-related SME’s, preservation & sustainability of cultural heritage; creating awareness for holistic & responsible tourism practices.

Authentic experiences

The Zorbabook team is hand-picking the most unique, local and authentic experiences with a particular focus on food, nature, cultural heritage.

Our innovative partners, which we consider 'local heroes', have designed holistic and meaningful experiences in popular as well as undiscovered destinations for those who want to explore more and beyond.

Get inspired and discover new experiences from our stories, recipes & videos; explore and book your next authentic experience; connect with local people, place and culture.