Vouryia is an alternative travel tourism agency providing private culture and culinary experiences in East Attica, aiming to showcase the gastronomy and the traditions of the region. Every experience is planned together with locals so that travelers can enjoy authentic Greek hospitality. For this reason, Vouryia has partnered with small businesses in the agricultural sector in an effort to make a positive impact on both the environment and local communities.

Our Story

'Vouryia' is a handwoven backpack originally used by shepherds and farmers in rural Crete. It usually contained a piece of bread, a flask of wine, a knife, and sometimes a flute. They packed inside everything that was essential for their journey up the mountains. Sometimes they also kept herbs found abundantly in the hills or a piece of wood that they would transform into a toy with their knife. Deeply connected with nature and tradition, they needed very little to be happy.

The founder, Marina Kavallieraki, is a certified Thematic Tourism Executive who lives in the region, and making connections through taste is her passion. Her origins from Crete and her love for the local heritage inspired her to use “vouryia”, the old traditional handwoven backpack, as a brand name and a symbol of exploration. With Vouryia she aims to offer a multisensorial journey to travelers who want to discover East Attica’s hidden treasures in a novel way.So, pack your Vouryia and let the journey begin!



Mesogaia, which means “middle land”, is a large geographical region of East Attica- confined by the foothills of Mount Penteli and Mount Hymettus- is full of surprises and hidden treasures. Easily accessible from Athens, filled with fertile plains and crystal-clear beaches, the region surrounding Athens Airport — less than an hour’s drive from the city center offers lesser-known attractions and experiences that should be explored.

The experiences offered are a blend of nature walks and culinary experiences that cover all four seasons. From fig and grape harvest in the summer to wine and olive oil tastings, dairy visits, herb picking, art workshops, and cooking lessons the whole year round.

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