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Tinos Farm to Table

Hello my name is Alexandros, i am a private chef located in Tinos island, owner of Tinos Farm to Table, where I offer a gastronomic journey through food, cooked with my own ingredients!

The Experience

Cooking class is a unique experience, where you learn traditional recipes of Tinos and Greece.

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The price includes a 5-6 hours course, where we walk to the gardens, talking about the nature and the agriculture, collecting the ingredients we will need and coming back at house where all together, we are going to prepare traditional recipes of Tinos island and Greece, cooking them on wood-oven and BBQ.

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In the end of the class, we gather around the table and eat everything we prepared, accompanied with local wine and raki.

The courses we will be 1-2 salads, 2-3 appetizers and 1-2 main courses, followed by dessert.

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The main idea is to introduce you to the Greek logic of a traditional Sunday table, where the family gathers, cooks together, dine together and spend their day together. A unique experience through food and agriculture.


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For me, Tinos island is a place you fall in love on first sight! It feels like you are surrounded by an energy that pass through you when you explore it.
A place where you can do anything, relax, explore, learn new things, have a good time!
The island makes you respect its history, and do what it takes from your side to keep all this "museum" alive on the best way you can.
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