Zesty Yoghurt

Zesty Yoghurt

KO’s Zesty Yoghurt is a wonderful sweet temptation – one that we were offered at the end of dinner on our first night in Milos. It is a simple, delicious and nutritious treat made with thick, creamy Greek yoghurt that is sweetened to your taste with pure honey and then elevated with the zest of one, two or more citrus fruits! Watch now, prepare it and see how amazing it is!


Thick, creamy, natural Greek Yoghurt
Pure honey
Citrus zest



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Preparing the Zesty Yoghurt

  1. Combine two large dollops of yoghurt with a generous drizzle of honey and a liberal sprinkling of your preferred zest or zests

Serving the Zesty Yoghurt

  1. Serve and savour this delicious treat!