Grilled Peppers

Grilled Peppers

Fresh, light and incredibly flavoursome, KO’s Grilled Peppers are a fabulous addition to any summer spread. Serve them as a side with any barbecued meats or add them to your homemade souvlakia for an amazing texture and flavour burst with the barbecued sweetness of the peppers; and the yumminess of the garlic, oregano and olive oil dressing. …and don’t forget to make them a double delight… sop up all the left over dressing with fresh crusty bread, when the peppers have been eaten up!


For the dressing you will need...
3⁄4 cup olive oil extra virgin
4 cloves garlic finely chopped
1 1/2 tablespoons dried oregano
2 teaspoons salt
For the Grilled Peppers you will need…
12 long sweet yellow peppers (also called ‘banana peppers’)



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Preparing the Grilled Peppers

  1. Trim the tops of the stalks of the peppers (so they look good when you serve them)

  2. Place the peppers on high heat on a barbecue-grill; place the lid on top, leaving it slightly ajar

  3. Grill the peppers for 1 -2 minutes

  4. Turn the peppers over and leave them for 1-2 minutes more

  5. Brown sear lines will begin to appear on the peppers

  6. Continue to turn the peppers frequently so as not to burn them, replacing the barbecue lid and leaving it ajar after each turn

  7. Once all sides of the peppers are evenly browned with sear lines, switch off the barbecue, place the lid completely over the barbecue and leave the peppers to smoke/steam for about 8-10 minutes

Serving the Grilled Peppers

  1. Stir the dressing well to ensure the salt is mixed through evenly

  2. Place 5-6 peppers, side-by-side, in a large, shallow serving bowl and spoon half of the dressing mixture on top

  3. Place the remaining peppers on top, again side-by-side, and pour the remaining dressing over these peppers

  4. Grilled peppers are a delicious accompaniment to any meal with barbecued meats. We add them to our homemade souvlakia and they really add an amazing texture and flavour burst with the sweetness of the pepper; and the garlic, oregano and EVOO of the dressing

  5. Enjoy!