Pam's Taramosalata

Pam's Taramosalata

Taramosalata is a Greek dip made from tarama - salted and cured cod roe. Pam's version is truly delicious - light, zingy and full of tarama (cod roe) flavour and rightfully is a 'cult favourite' at all her family's functions! Pam does an amazing job taking you through the 'how to' step by step - so you can master this recipe in one go!! Watch her now! 


1 small-medium onion, sliced
165g fish roe
¾ cup lemon juice
2 cups vegetable oil
9 thick slices of white bread
1 cup soda water


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Preparing the taramosalata

  • Place the onion, fish roe, lemon juice and 1 cup of the oil in a food processor and blitz for about 5 minutes, until you have a very fine, smooth paste
  • Remove the crusts on 2 sides of the 9 slices of bread and keep the crusts for serving
  • Cut the bread slices into quarters and then slowly add the bread pieces, the remaining cup of oil and soda water; a little bit at a time
  • When all the ingredients have been added, continue blitzing the taramosalata for a further 5 minutes until it is super smooth

Serving the taramosalata

  • Place the taramosalata in a serving bowl and serve it with vegetable soldiers – carrots, capsicum, cucumber and the bread crusts saved from earlier
  • Enjoy!

Key Points

  • Pam prefers to use vegetable oil for the taramosalata because it has a mild flavour. You can use extra virgin olive oil, however the taramosalata will have a stronger flavour and will have a salmon hue rather than pale pink colour
  • The bread can be fresh or up to 2-3 days old
  • You can add more bread for a thicker texture, more soda water for a lighter, fluffier texture and/or more lemon juice for extra zing… it’s up to you!