Aegina island ancient olive grove

Aegina island ancient olive grove

Aegina island ancient olive grove! A hidden treasure with olive trees dating back to antiquity!

Following the paths descending from the villages Pachiorachi, Marathon and Kapotides you will reach Eleonas (olive grove in Greek). The area south of Pachia Rachi is a secluded valley, a wildlife refuge, with the old olive trees that were part of Aegina ancient olive grove, standing like natural monuments.

Some locals claim that these very olive trees date back to antiquity. According to the Institute of Materials Evaluation and the Archaeometry Lab of “Demokritos” (the National Centre for Scientific Research) their age is estimated to 400 years. Οne of the largest trees measures 13 m around its trunk, with an internal cavity 2.5 m in diameter.

If you happen to visit Aegina island, make sure to visit Eleonas and let yourself travel back in time!

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