Martaki, the March bracelet

Martaki, the March bracelet

A much-loved Greek tradition is wearing the March bracelet made of red & white threads on the 1st March.

The bracelet is called Martis (March in Greek) or martaki. The white signifies purity and the red life & passion.

The bracelet is prepared on the last day of February, is worn throughout March and then hanged on a fruit tree to ensure It's good harvest and health.

We wear it on the left hand since our body’s left side is the receiving side, close to our heart.

It marks the arrival of Spring and its purpose is to protect us from getting burnt by the sun.

The tradition, according to historians, goes back to the Eleusinian mysteries taking place in March. During a specific ceremony, participants followed a route leading to the sea, they would stop on a bridge and “krokosis” ceremony took place.

The descendants of mythical Krokonas, the first inhabitant of the area had the privilege to wear the “kroki” (a red woolen yarn or cloth) around their right hand and left ankle.

Best wishes for March and lots of sunny days!

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