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Karaiskos Farm

Welcome to an earthly gastronomic paradise in beautiful Pelion. In a unique landscape in the lush forest of Pelion, the unique area of the farm awaits those who want to get closer to nature and the lovers of good food.

The Experience

From the farm to the table

Learn how to cook with what the fertile land of Pelion produces. We will cook "Briam" (oven-baked vegetables) with various seasonal vegetables gathered from the garden. 

Until the “Briam” is ready, we will prepare a delicious Pesto Pasta. Our chef will teach you how to prepare our local and traditional pasta called“hilopites” and homemade basil sauce. This menu also includes preparing a traditional refreshing aromatic yogurt dip – tzatziki - with herds from the garden and a fresh seasonal salad. 

We welcome our guests with a cup of hot mountain tea or homemade sour cherry juice. The pie will be served on the table accompanied with seasonal salad and wine from the Greek vineyard. At the end of the lesson, we say goodbye to our guests with small gifts and participation diplomas.

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Traditional cooking methods


Fresh produce from the farm



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Pelion, Thessaly


One of the most popular villages of Pelion and the whole country, Portaria combines the atmosphere of the authentic Pelion settlement and the unsurpassed view of the city of Volos and the Pagasitikos with the intense tourist development.

Its picturesqueness, natural beauty and the close distance from the city of Volos, from the Ski Center of Pelion and from the sea make it an ideal destination and starting point for excursions throughout Pelion. Trees and flowers adorn the cobbled streets, traditional stone houses and squares, while throughout the village there are great mansions, ornate stone fountains, churches and monuments.

The village is a destination all year round, for coolness in the summer months with baths on the shores of the Aegean and the Pagasitic Gulf, for skiing in winter but also hiking and activities in the autumn or spring nature.


Pelion, the mythical mountain

On the one hand the Pagasitic Gulf, on the other the Aegean. In the middle of a magical mountain to discover: Pelion.

Gargling water in the fountains. Plane trees, apple trees, chestnut trees, oaks, beeches, gardenias, hydrangeas, camellias ... In this fertile soil of Thessaly, nature rages. Paths, old churches, beaches with green waters.

Whether you visit Pelion in winter dressed in white, or in spring or summer, when the slopes are painted colorful by the dozens of wildflowers between the chestnut and beech, the tour of its traditional villages is a magical experience….

A weekend is not enough to satisfy it, but it is enough to love it forever


Ancient Iolkos, known from the Argonaut expedition, is the Volos of today. A hospitable, open, charming city, which stretches at the foot of Pelion embracing the Pagasitic Gulf. The feeling it will leave you will not be forgotten. The sea breeze that unites with the fresh air of Pelion ... All this gives Volos a special identity.

You will discover it in the industrial buildings that became multi-purpose spaces, museums, exhibition and shopping centers. You will feel it with a walk on the beach, which is full of people, tsipouro restaurants, patisseries, bars, historic buildings. Going up from Volos to Pelion, you will meet Portaria and Makrinitsa, the protagonist villages of the area.

A wonderful deep breath of beauty is Volos, which will fill you with freedom

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