Traditional food tour & olive oil tasting in Kalamata

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Mama's Flavours

Hello everyone! I welcome you to my beautiful country Greece! I am Maria Monastirioti and I come from Lefkada and Corfu, two of the most beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea! My job profession is a librarian but since 2014, I have been working on Mama’s flavours, a Social Enterprise specialized in travel experience and gastronomy tourism.

The Experience

Discover the richness and inventiveness of Greek cuisine!

Lock all the flavours of Greece deep in your heart through a one-of-a-kind 4-hour food tour experience in Kalamata. Learn how to prepare traditional local recipes just like a Greek mama and taste more than 20 delicious Messinian homemade products! We assure you won't have to worry about lunch by the end of this tour. 

You will visit the historic centre of one of the most beautiful coastal cities of the Peloponnese: Kalamata.

The place is known for its exquisite olive oil and its world-famous black Kalamata olives. However, the city has so much more to offer and this tour will help you uncover its hidden gems.

Visit local family-owned food and pastry shops, learn old stories and feel the authenticity of the locals.

Your Itinerary

Meeting Point

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Maria, our passionate food lover, will be waiting for you at the beautiful central square of Kalamata, Vasileos Konstantinou Square, in front of the statues of the Messinian war heroes of 1821.

You’ll set off on your gastronomic experience with a leisurely stroll around the streets of this magnificent coastal city.

Visit to traditional Workshop and tasting of local home-made products

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Many times, you can find the tastiest local products in the most unlikely places of a town you visit, where you’d never think to look. Together we’ll discover a traditional Workshop, literally hidden in the tiny alleys of the town.

With a reputation that precedes it, not just in Greece, but also in delis abroad for its quality home-made Messinian products, it stays true to its authentic ancestral recipes, preparing two of the most iconic local dishes daily.

The local women working at the Workshop will teach how to make one of the oldest dishes of Messinia and Mani, using the simplest of ingredients, flour and olive oil. Then you’ll get to see how the second delectable local recipe is made, full of aromas, flavour and lots of honey!

And while enjoying this staple of the Spartan warriors and satisfying your sweet tooth in the healthiest of manners, you’ll also learn about its long history and inextricable link to the local tradition.

Tasting of Spoon Sweets, Corinthian Raisins and Healthy Local Delicacies


Ascending towards the historic centre of Kalamata, you’ll marvel at the two-storey neo-Classical buildings and discover this city’s rich past, as well as the long history of ancient and more contemporary Greek gastronomy.

Upon entering the shop, the aroma of the exquisite herbs and spices wafting through the air will transport you to the top of Mt. Taygetos, the local mountain.

You’ll get to taste homemade spoon sweets, local nuts and other products of the Messinian land, discovering their nutritional value and their importance in a well-balanced diet.

Greek Coffee Tasting at Local Coffee Grinding Shop


It’s time for your morning coffee! And what’s better than a hot traditional Greek coffee prepared by Giorgos, who’ll reveal the secrets to its proper preparation. You’ll find out all about the origins of this type of coffee, how it got its name and how it has become a part of the Greek tradition and temperament.

Have you ever heard about the most popular Greek coffee custom? Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon and you’ll be delightfully surprised.

Tasting of Homemade Products from Mani


Our stroll will then take you through the small stone-paved alleys of the city’s historic centre, amid small shops bursting with local colours and aromas.

You’ll taste mouth-watering homemade cookies by a mama from Mani and all sorts of treats. 

You’ll be surprised at just how much local tradition can fit into such a tiny shop, where you’ll feel welcome and right at home.

The old stories you’ll hear will take you back to a bygone era, while chewing on an all-time classic Greek snack, pasteli, made of pure Greek honey and sesame seeds. You’ll also get a taste of some of Kalamata’s finest delicacies that will awaken your palate!

Tasting of Local Appetizers at a Traditional Greek Coffee Shop-Cum-Ouzo Tavern

The ideal way to feel like a local is to visit a traditional Greek coffee shop and ouzo tavern. 

Right in the heart of the city, under the shadow of an age-old plane tree, flavoursome Messinian appetizers are waiting for you to discover them.

Revithokeftedes (chickpeas patties), kolokithokorfades (courgette flowers), oven-baked sardines, eggplant dip with fresh basil, kagianas (local omelette with tomato and cured meat) and so much more are waiting to take you through a mouth-watering journey filled with mama’s flavours!

Especially when paired with ouzo, tsipouro (strong local spirit) or local wine and the good company of locals, the experience becomes even more authentic.

You’ll also get to taste a classic Messinian dish and find out its interesting history, but we won’t spoil the surprise. Join us to discover it first-hand!

Tasting of Local Cheeses and Other Products

At the next stop, you’ll get to know the traditional cheeses of Messinia. You’ll taste two of the most famous and exquisite cheeses, made exclusively from sheep or goat milk and produced by small family-owned farms. 

Pair them with the ideal partners, which are none other than Kalamata olives and extra virgin olive oil. These three products make up the Messinian gastronomy trilogy.

What will most certainly blow you away, though, is a product made from sheep’s milk and served in a baking tray. It is the ultimate Greek village delicacy that is only served in this corner of Greece!

To satisfy your curiosity just a bit, you can also look forward to a homemade Messinian dessert, which will leave the distinctive aroma of cinnamon and fresh milk on your palate.

Visit to an Olive Oil Shop & quick Olive oil tasting

Whether this is the first or umpteenth time visiting Messinia, olive-oil tasting is a must, given this is the birthplace of olives and olive oil.

You’ll take part in a quick yet fulfilling olive-oil tasting with a professional and certified olive-oil connoisseur.

You’ll find out all about the Koroneiki variety and its unique features, and will taste different quality olive oils. This tasting will be enough for you to realise just how superior this olive oil is from the common olive oils in the market.

This is also the place to buy authentic Kalamata olives in different packages, as well as Greek honey and selected products made by small producers across Greece.

Visit to a Shop with Local Wines and Traditional Spirits

Did you know that in antiquity, Messinia was one of the largest wine-producing areas in the Peloponnese? Or that its wines carry the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), due to their excellent quality and features?

Find out all the local varieties, including Fokiano, Assyrtiko, Mandilaria and Moschofilero, as well as how they are combined with foreign varieties to produce excellent white, rose and red wines.

Light Lunch with Messinian Dishes and Local Wines

A light yet filling lunch will conclude your gastronomic experience and spoil your senses, in one of the cosiest restaurants in the heart of the city.

The menu is exclusively based on traditional and lesser-known recipes from Messinia and Mani, which are hard to find anywhere else.

The Mediterranean diet unfolds in all its glory: healthy, seasonal comfort food prepared with passion and an extra dash of artistry, made with ingredients from local farms and small Greek producers, slowly cooked in herbs and olive oil.

We can guarantee that you don’t have to worry about lunch, as there’ll be no room left for anything else!


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I live in Kalamata since 2006 with my family which is the capital of Messinia region in the southwest Peloponnese. From the first time I came to this wonderful city, I was impressed of the harmonic combination of the rich architectural and cultural legacy with the modern way of life!

Kalamata for me is the ideal place to live not only as a single but also with your family. It offers a high quality of life, endless fascinating sites to visit, magical sandy beaches to swim, vast olive groves, hidden small villages to explore, and of course a unique gastronomy tradition! 

I would definitely suggest it to every traveller and anyone who wishes to choose Kalamata as a place to live!

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