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  • Posted By : Christine Polyzos | KALI OREXI
  • Posted On : Jan 08, 2019
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  • Category : Holiday Treats
  • Description : Dimitra’s kourabiethes have the perfect balance of butteriness and crumbliness, and along with beautiful bursts of roasted almonds and a very generous coating of icing sugar, they will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. They are usually made for Christmas and Easter as a treat to share with family and friends, but they are so good, that you’ll want to make them all year round!

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  • Preparation time 35 minutes
  • Cook time 35 minutes
  • No of servings 20
  • INGREDIENTS (ΥΛΙΚΑ) 50-60 g 50 – 60 pieces blanched almonds
    250 g unsalted butter at room temperature
    30 g pure icing sugar sifted
    1 egg yolk
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    500 g white self-raising flour sifted
    Additional 250g pure icing sugar sifted


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    Preparing the blanched almonds

    1. Cut the blanched almonds into 3-4 pieces each, place them in a pan and dry-roast them in an oven preheated to 180°C fan forced till they brown (approximately 10 minutes)
    2. Remove them from the oven and allow them to cool to room temperature before using them in the recipe

    Preparing the kourabiethes

    1. Add the butter and 30g pure icing sugar to a stand-up mixer and beat until creamed
    2. Beat in the egg yolk and vanilla extract well
    3. Remove the mixing bowl from the stand
    4. Scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl and mix the butter mixture well
    5. Slowly add the flour and mix it through with each addition, until you have a dough with a dry, crumbly texture that can be formed into a kourabie, when you mould and press it together with your hands
    6. Add the roasted almonds half way through the flour adding process
    7. When the dough is ready, take a handful and place it on your clean work surface
    8. Gently press down on it, until it forms a large even disc that is about 1.5cm high
    9. Using a drinking glass or a round cookie cutter, cut out a round kourabie
    10. Using the drinking glass or cookie cutter once more, cut out a small section at the edge of the kourabie, so that the kourabie resembles a large, round crescent
    11. Place the kourabie on a baking tray that has been greased with unsalted butter
    12. Add the small dough offcut back into the kourabie dough
    13. Repeat until all the dough has been shaped into kourabiethes (Note: the last kourabie will be round in shape and a different size to the remaining kourabiethes)
    14. Bake the kourabiethes in an oven preheated to 180°C fan forced till they are a light, golden-brown colour (approximately 30-35 minutes)
    15. When the kourabiethes are taken out of the oven, immediately coat them with icing sugar

    Coating the kourabiethes

    1. Place 250g of sifted pure icing sugar in a bowl
    2. Take a kourabie and sit it in the icing sugar
    3. With your fingers, pick up some icing sugar and sprinkle it on top of the kourabie
    4. Pat the icing sugar down gently
    5. Repeat, till you have a 1-1.5cm thick layer of icing sugar
    6. Repeat for all the kourabiethes

    Serving the kourabiethes

    1. Once the kourabiethes have cooled, they can be enjoyed!