Serenity Kayak

Serenity Kayak is run by Kalliopi, a local guide.
“I've been rowing for the past 20 years, 10 of which I trained as a professional athlete. Alongside competing in championships I also taught kayak to youngsters & people with special needs.
Having completed my studies in environmental science, I worked as a guide in outdoor activities such as sea kayak, hiking and sailing.
For me, this “tour” is a combination of my personality. It is a ‘marriage’, so to speak, between my 20-year experience in this sport and the love I have for this island - it’s unique volcanic landscape, the true life & Greek mentality. It will be a pleasure to see you on board!”

Our Story

Discover the natural wonder that is Santorini’s caves, which turn blue when the lights hit the water. “Red Beach”, one of the best-known sights of the island, is located on the south coast where your sea kayak activity will begin. Paddle along the coastline of Akrotiri, featuring many little caves and formations. You will reach “Black Mountain”, exploring sea caves along the way, enjoy snorkeling, and a picnic in this serene setting. Return to your starting point with a dose of adrenaline from cliff jumping in the White Beach. Enjoy the unique time of sunset across the sparkling Aegean Sea and the dreamy horizon.

Serenity Kayak


The power of the volcanic island of Santorini creates an energy that overwhelms the senses. Exquisite luxury, amazing food and wine and the unforgettable Santorini sunset are just the start of what this legendary Greek island in the Cyclades offers visitors.