Montanema Handmade Village

Can a path change the life of both a man and a landscape? It didn’t take but a detour during a hiking trip, in September 1999, in the green-clad gorge of Anthohori – a magical spot in the heart of the mountain, a mere 4.5 kms from the lake of Plastira – in order for the page of a special story of hospitality to be written. When he laid eyes on the small wooden lodge reveal itself through the mist
among the fir trees, the walnut trees and the oak trees, Christos Athanasiadis, a keen hiker and mountain lover, knew he had found the retreat of his dreams. Little did he imagine though that this would be the start of an exciting adventure! Here, in candlelight, in the company of the sounds of the running water and the smells of the forest, he experienced some of the most beautiful moments of his life either all by himself in the mountain or together with his loved ones. In this unique place, in the pristine forest, he longed to share these moments of deep relaxation, rebirth and contact with nature with even more people. So, with his friend Dimitris Panagopoulos they began designing Montanema Handmade Village. Stone by stone, a dream came true and a completely handmade village of hospitality was born, where love for nature and art, a taste for tradition ,an ecological conscience along with an authentic hospitality make sense.

Our Story

Nature, our passion  

The discovery of this magical landscape is solely due to our love for nature, which along with our respect for the environment have been the key factors in every stage of the creation of Montanema Handmade Village.

The design of the complex follows the principles of bio-climatic architectural design and eco-structure, with wood and stone as the main materials. It takes advantage of the solar gains during the winter as well as the cooling loads and natural elements of cooling during the summer. Solid masonry of 50-60 cms was made with great heat capacity in the buildings and insulation of 10-15 cms was put on the  

walls, the roofs and the floors. Wooden doors and double-glazed windows were chosen (low-e=1,1 soft coating).

Independent pellet units are used for the heating of every lodging which, combined with the energy fireplaces, contribute to the environment and to climate reversal, as wood is one of the renewable energy sources. We’ve proceeded to the installation of solar panels so as to ensure hot water all the time. Local stone (from the building site itself, as well) was used for the construction of the stone built houses while the timber comes from the area too. The cement screed was made by Kourasanit , the most reinforced and ecological traditional building material.The painting of the walls was made with established and certified eco-friendly paints.The floors are made of baked clay (cotto), a natural material, 100% recyclable.

In the initial design we took into account the flora of the estate and we intervened as little as possible while we planted a big amount of trees and bushes of the area.The whole surrounding space is in perfect harmony with nature.The water supply and irrigation system come from mountain springs.The mattresses are antiallergic made of ecological and recyclable materials as well as the bed covers and sheets.

The raw materials of the products used come from local certified biological farmers of the area,limiting thus our carbon footprint.

The biological cleaning operates so as not to burden the area nor the underground water although we were under no obligation to proceed with such a construction by the initial study.The product of biological cleaning is used for the irrigation of part of our estate.

We put great emphasis on recycling as well, making compost from our organic residues, an ideal nourishment for our garden allotments. We also separate our waste into glass, metal and plastic.

Montanema Handmade Village

Our local area, Agrafa

Land of indescribable beauty, where nature subdues you with its simplicity and magic, Agrafa is not a place to be described in a few lines nor discovered in just a single weekend. Characterised by Unesco as one of the five cleaner areas in the planet with endless mountain ranges, deep gorges, ravines with fast moving waters and shady forests, both shelter and passage for wild animals (such as the bear, the roe, the wildcat),they will definitely bring 

out the nature lover in you! The Montanema Handmade Village neighbourhood can serve as the base for beautiful strolls in the countryside and we can plan special seasonal activities, so that we can enjoy it together. Strolls in paths through the evergreen gorges, following the sounds of the waterfall and looking for old watermills and stone single arch bridges, picnics under the cherry trees with delicacies from our kitchen, picking of wild strawberries and blackberries so as to make jams, or mushroom picking, so that we can cook all together at night….

Nature lovers shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the European path E4 that passes through neighbouring Argithea.

The lake of Plastira

Discover the beauties of the lake of Plastira

Located at an altitude of 750 metres with the fir trees mirrored in its waters and surrounded by quaint villages, the lake of Plastira,of an alpine beauty, is one of the most exceptional places in Greece.