Zorbabook is the unique global online interactive tool bringing together Greek & Cypriot Gastronomia fans with Greek & Cypriot businesses, suppliers, chefs, service providers and community associations.

Zb purpose is to retain, disseminate & promote globally Greek & Cypriot (G&C) taste, facilitating all interested and involved parties to communicate, socialize and exhibit their business, products & services 24/7.

Zb is more than a commercial business. Our aspiration is to become a Greek National product sharing our Gastronomia philosophy & traditions through its agents overcoming geographical boundaries at minimum cost.

Who can Join

Fans – All individuals 13 years+
Zb invites you to discover and enjoy G&C taste wherever you are. Join us to
  • Locate G&C Restaurants, Bars, Shops etc. all over the world
  • Enjoy special offers
  • Discover G&C products
  • Find out where you can buy G&C products in your area
  • Follow your favourite G&C Chef and post your own respective recipe
  • Learn about events & happenings
  • Keep in touch with the G&C community in your city/state/country

– Includes premises you taste G&C, retailers, media & reviewers, hotels, G&C community associations, Chefs
Zb is the unique global social media platform dedicated to premises serving & selling G&C food & beverages. The meeting point of G&C community associations from all continents. An excellent window of opportunity for G&C Chefs to approach a global audience and publish their recipes.
  • Promote & advertise your business
  • Communicate directly with your customers
  • Publish offers & announce events, happenings
  • Contact G&C products and services retailers, suppliers, manufacturer

– G&C products & services related directly & indirectly to Gastronomia
Zb offers you the opportunity of a global online virtual exhibition 24/7.
  • Become a player in the world market & expand your exports
  • Advertise your products & services
  • Increase your brand recognition
  • Minimize your marketing costs
  • Better understand your customer needs
  • Improve your business practices and become more competitive 

Zb is the only online platform where all G&C chefs can be found and join their forces to promote and preserve the Greek traditional & modern cuisine.
  • Get yourself known
  • Identify opportunities
  • Increase career prospects
  • Post your recipes
  • Acknowledge the importance of balanced nutritional Greek diet

Zb hosts G&C Community Associations from all continents as well as Professional associations linked to Gastronomia products & services.
  • Establish an interactive, open 24/7 communication with your members
  • Publish & promote your community events
  • Provide useful information to your members
  • Increase awareness of G&C products & services offered
  • Create “best offer” opportunities for your community members